Too Late to Blog

I’ve been meaning all weekend to blog about my Genius Time experience on Friday but I’m too tired to blog tonight.  

But let’s just say it went better than I expected.  I started by asking students who loves school, loves everything about it, everything they learn.  A good number of students put their hands up.  I then asked who is in the middle generally like school but not everything about it.  I’d say most of the class raised their hand.  Then I asked who does not like school, like not any of the topics or way they have to handle assignments.  Three hands went up.  Three hands that I expected.  Three hands that when I first came across Genius Time I thought immediately of these Three.  

I told the three that I was very proud of them for answering honestly and I told them that while Genius Time if for the whole class it’s really for them. That it’s going to change the way they feel about school.  Honestly, I really believe it’s true.

Anyway, it’s too late to blog.  Good night! Image

The beginning of our Wonder Wall 


3 responses to “Too Late to Blog

  1. Shivonne, I am going to do it! I want to chat 🙂 My principal loves the idea and will support me in any way that I need. Do you know anyone else doing it already

    • Lisa,

      YAY!! I`m super excited that you are going to do it. Phil is starting it up with his 7`s too so it can be a learning process together. Do you have twitter? Check out the hastag #geniushour. So many awesome educators with lots to share. There’s a #geniushour chat I think the first Wednesday of each month where a lot of my questions were answered.

  2. I am on Twitter but never use it. So I guess I am not really on it. I will email you with my plan. One of the ways we are going to start is to have one of the parents come in who is an interior designer and show our kids how to do a vision board. Then, for the first “round” I am going to tie it into our science unit on forces.

    So excited!

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