The process continued…

The inner workings of a "technology" teacher....well a teacher trying new things out

There came a point when my secret was causing more issues than I could justify.  That outside world which I relied so heavily on was frequently “down” due to unknown issues.  I would take down the “router”, my mobility stagnated.  I had to do something about this jam I found myself in.  The only option purchase board approved AP’s (Access Points), they wouldn’t be cheap but they would bring the return of mobility for myself and staff who I began to encourage and express how valuable using their personal technology could when supporting learning in the classroom.  We started small, “coverage”, 10 AP’s spread evenly throughout the school in order to provide the greatest number with wireless access to the web.  We were no longer flying under the radar.  We were the innovators who would open up the world of wireless access in elementary schools for the Peel District School…

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