Augmented Reality

My class has been playing around with Augmented Reality and it is! It really is magical to watch their own illustrations come to life with in colourful 3D images or with actual video footage.

For International Dot Day we used the app colAR (free and on andrioid and apple devices).  You have to print out the colouring sheets, colour it up and then hover your device over the picture and watch the magic unfold.  My students were fascinated and I have to admit I was as well.  For fun I even stuck my hand below the iPad to make it look like I was touching the dots and it looks so real that one child even asked me what the dots felt like.  WE had to have a discussion how it’s not actually real.

photo (2)



photo (1)


The other Augmented Reality we used was with our wonderful ITRT @tina_zita.  Ms. Zita showed us the @aurasma app which again is a free app for apple and I “think” but not sure android.  You can also create on the computer a class channel and have parents/people follow your channel.  Which I plan on doing so stay tuned parents :).  Anyway the students drew their self portrait and 5 about me questions.  Ms. Zita then filmed their interview, took  a scan of their portrait using Aurasma and then the two marry so when you hold your device over the image it plays the video feed.  We are going to debut these amazing images for our Meet the Teacher night on October 9th.

Apps like ColAR and Aurasma are mind blowing and make me so happy that I’ve decided to pursue Tech in my classroom!


2 responses to “Augmented Reality

  1. I am fascinated by the picture of the 3D image on the screen; I can ony imagine how “Cool” it must be for the kids to actually experience their art become 3D in from of them.

  2. Just wait until you see what we have planned for Meet the Teacher night on October 9th. It’s going to be very exciting!!

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