What’s the Big Idea?

You may be unaware but in Ontario we have a new Social Studies curriculum.  There’s a lot of buzz about handling it in a inquiry based way and I was thinking it links really well to my #geniushour anyway so I’m going for it.  I tweeted out suggestions and one of them suggestions was to record the “Big Ideas” on to chart paper have the students brainstorm and then come up with a project on their own related to that big idea.  In theory that sounds  fine but in reality I’m not really sure how to bridge the brainstorming to the doing.  Sort of the same issue I’m having with genius time to be honest.  I think maybe I might have to model an project and I also think I may need to conduct a series of mini lessons to teach some of the mapping and graphing skills.  Which of course I will use math time to do.  Perhaps I should provide a set of guidelines like your project must have a map and a graph, you need to conduct an interview to an “expert”. I don’t know this type of learning is new for me as well!  Any suggestions?



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