#BYOD in Primary

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device means students bring their own wifi enabled device to school to use for academic purposes.  It is a really good idea because our schools in Peel are equipped with wifi and while many schools have invested in equipment like netbooks or iPads they are not 1 to 1 and they are shared with other classes so you don’t always have access to a device.

I’m encouraging my students to BYOD in Grade 3.  You might read this and think that’s nuts.  But they have demonstrated responsibility with devices time and time again.  I am lucky to have a few devices and I allow the kids to use them and they are careful and respectful of them.  They are also really interested in using the technology and I find their focus and attention goes up when the word “iPad” is mentioned.

Having their own device certainly makes #geniushour a lot easier. Students have access to research or look at videos at their finger tips instead of having to share my devices or use the 1 classroom computers.

We have a system in place for keeping devices secure.  When not being used by students they are locked in a cupboard.  The classroom door is locked when we are not in the room and students understand the importance of leaving their device in their backpack to and from school.

I understand that a device like a smart phone, iPod, tablet is an expensive piece of equipment so I get why some parents may be hesitant to send them to school.  However they are a super valuable learning tool.  Having your children explore and learn and discover how to use their own or family device in a new way (e.g. other than playing angry bird) is a great learning opportunity and a really effective 21st Century Learning Tool!


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