They Really Amaze Me!

My Grade 3 students are pretty amazing.  They are your typical bunch of 23 7-8 year olds.  Their ability ranges are diverse, they like Bey Blades, Monster High Dolls, iPods and Angry Birds.  When I mention the word “partner” they stop listening and instantly arrange on the carpet who they are going to work with which means they stop listening to the instructions.  This is what exactly went down on Thursday during my music lesson.  We’ve been studying rhythm and I was modelling how to use the rhythm and Lummi sticks to create their own rhythms and I mentioned they would be doing this with a partner.  That’s when then shifty eyes broke out and the points and whispers started. I had to break out the “girls and boys maybe I’m picking your partners” in order to continue the instructions.  In the end I DID let them choose their partner and the only instruction was to not leave anyone out.  This is where the amazing comes in.  They didn’t choose partners that I predicted they would.  They didn’t choose their closest friends or best bud since Kindergarten.  They made sure that nobody was left behind.  It made me realize that math and language aside that they’ve been learning to be kind, caring citizens and that amazes me!

The other amazing thing about that day was their rhythms.  WOW give a kid a set of sticks, a pencil and a paper and tell them to create and the things they can come up with! I took a video and posted to my youtube channel so parents if you would like to view it send me a message and I will send you the link.

I am just so proud of these kids!



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