Student-Led Conferencing

You can tell it’s been a busy time of year based on how quiet I’ve been on my blog.  I just finished writing Progress Report Cards and now with my class we are preparing for Student-Led Conferences (SLC).  SLC’s are exactly as the name suggests.  They are student selected, driven and led.  The teacher in the room acts as a facilitator but the kids really take ownership.  We are doing this in place of the traditional interview format where the teacher and parents discuss the student (without or without he/she there) for 15 minutes.  The room will be busy!  At any time we could have 3-5 families i at once looking at their child’s portfolio, trying out activities that are selected by the students. It’s very exciting!

The students in my class have been working on their portfolio for a week and a half.  Thursday they get to share it with their families and I’m really looking forward to how it goes!


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