Mudroom Madness!

We fortunately have a small mudroom off the garage door entryway.  It wasn’t initially there on the plans well it was but it was much smaller and had a storage closet.  We removed the closet and took the second larger pantry out of our kitchen and flipped it into the laundry room.  This created a nice sized entry way.  However up until now it’s been an empty space.  Well not so empty it usually is a dumping ground for backpacks, coats, boots, hats and mittens.  Initially I would take all of those things after school/work and hang up in the front hall closet and then each night before I went to back take them all back out again and lay them neatly in the mudroom in each persons pile so that we would be ready in the morning.  You can probably understand why I stopped this routine.  

Originally I wanted a cubby/locker that incorporated the corner but my husband Phil said unless I was willing to wait until the Summer when we had more time off I would have to simplify my design and he was hoping we could also incorporate some Ikea pieces.  We found the Hemnes bridging shelves and instantly knew they were perfect.  The size was right, the price was too.  We could mount one up high for storage baskets to hold hats and mittens and one low with legs to act as a bench and a shoe/boot cubby.  I wanted it to have a custom look as well so I asked Phil to add bead board and trim between the benches and of course we needed hooks to hang our coats.  I was going to hang all coats at the same level but Phil suggested we put the kids hooks lower in the middle so they could hang their coats alone (way to encourage independence daddy!).  Visually, I like the way the different heights look.

This was so easy and inexpensive and exactly what we needed to finish the space and make it functional. Now I just want to add some decorative touches to the top (suggestions please) and on the opposite wall I’m going to hang a cork board and some hanging file folders.  











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  1. Reblogged this on The inner workings of a "technology" teacher and commented:
    Yes it was madness but has now evolved into a much more functional space. One small accomplishment achieved this holiday break.

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