Instead of Said

My students are in the process of writing Narratives.  We’ve been working on using quotation marks to indicate when our characters are speaking and my awesome partner in crime (Mr. Edwards – ERF) discovered this awesome website 219 words to use instead of said and I knew I had to share it with my class.  We brainstormed our own list of Instead of Said words and I think they came up with an impressive list.  We would welcome any of your own suggestions! 



2 responses to “Instead of Said

  1. I love this idea Shivonneand I’m going to share that list with my grade fives. We did something similar a few weeks ago (also working on narrative) and after “said” we also did lists for “big”, “small” and “move”. One of our “big” words was “ginormously gigantic” (I had to help with the spelling on that one!) and it has shown up in so many stories since then. 🙂

  2. Great word! I’m going to tell my 3’s about that one they will love it!

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