Making Minions

Next week is a big event for our family.  Our little guy William turns 2!  Which means I will have been back to work for an entire year which I cannot believe.  My how time has flown.  Though I have to admit my time off with my time off with my children feels like a distant memory and I feel like I have never left the classroom.

Anyway next weekend we will be celebrating with a Minion Themed party.  Between making over 50 valentine’s cards for the kids to hand out to their friends and prepping for a party it’s a busy time.  So I’ve decided to prep by doing an activity an evening.  We are making a pinata, a pin the googles on the Minion, Minion centre pieces, napkin rolls, balloons.  Most of inspiration is from Pinterest.  I found a really cute napkin roll pattern but I’ve put my own twist on it.

I used small yellow napkins, some blue ribbon and a single google eye and I think they are quite cute.  I used the instructions for the fold here and it’s so easy my 4 year old Keelyn was able to help me.

photo (42) photo (41)


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    Oh how the time has passed. Cannot believe he’ll be two in another week.

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