Canadian Family 8th Annual Teacher Awards

I’m very excited to share that I was nominated (by one of my awesome colleagues) for the Canadian Family Annual Teacher Awards.  This will be its 8th year and I’ve been told that hundreds of fantastic teachers were nominated but I was selected as one of 12 finalists.  To be honest when I received the email a few weeks ago I thought it was spam I had to read it over a few times before it set in.  Then I was super embarrassed. I don’t love being in the centre of attention. I know makes little sense considering how much I promote myself out via social media but self promotion feels different than this.  I’m happy to say that those feelings have passed and I’m really proud of myself and grateful that my colleague took the time to nominate me.  Said colleague is equally deserving of this kind of recognition as what this person does with the students at our school is inspiring.  I’m actually lucky to surround myself with many amazing educators both on social media (LOVE my twitter PLN) and away from the keyboard.  Much of my strength of an educator comes from their positive influence, encouragement and support.  If I didn’t stumble upon the #geniushour people on twitter I never would have jump feet first into the #geniushour journey.  If I didn’t meet George Couros at  the Teaching and Learning in a Digital World conference my board, Peel District School Board I wouldn’t have changed the way I viewed Social Media and 21stC learning in the classroom.  I was already using it but I’ve become a lot more bold and my students love having a global audience.  I also may not have connected with George’s brother Alec Couros and been part of his Social Media and Open Education course EC&I831 where I learned about maker spaces and coding which led me into establishing a coding club with one of my colleagues, Michelle @KP_R5.  You can actually follow our coding club adventures on Twitter #MasseyCodes.  I’ve developed a great connection with the Early Literacy Teacher  and Instructional Technology Resource Teacher  both on and offline and my practice is stronger because of their expertise.  The Peel 21st North Network meetings where I’ve had the opportunity to share as educator and participate as a learner has also contributed to my growth.  In fact just following along with #Peel21st and connecting with my local PDSB colleagues has been so valuable.  Even after hours I always have my husband, Phil Young @_PhilYoung to connect and collaborate with.  In fact he’s the one who set me up with a Twitter account in the first place 🙂  

There are hundreds more experiences and people that I could talk about that have developed my strength as a teacher these are just a few examples to show that being a finalist in the Canadian Family 8th Annual Teacher Award isn’t just me but rather if I win will be the collaboration of many, many educators and people.

Top 3 finalists will be featured in Canadian Family September issue and will have a prize of $2500 for school resources.  Voting starts tomorrow Monday May 26th and I hope to have a lot of supporters!

5 responses to “Canadian Family 8th Annual Teacher Awards

  1. cindyvcordeiro

    Congratulations on the nomination & finalist votes, Shivonne!
    You have my support!

  2. Congratulations!
    You might want to change the spelling mistake…
    it’s 8th year should be its not it’s (= it is)

  3. You’re welcome! I read for meaning too, and I read quickly, so I take a stumble when I read an error, as it doesn’t make sense!!

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