The Makey Makey and the Peel 21st North Network Meeting #Peel21st

Last week my colleague Michelle Philpot @K5_RP and I participated in another Peel 21st North Network Meeting.  We had been asked to share about our experience with our Grade 5 Coding Club and the Makey Makey.  Of course we said sure we love promoting our Coding Club #MasseyCodes but we kind of had that what did we just get into feeling as truth be told neither of us really know how to use the Makey Makey.  No worries, we would get our coders to teach us.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Makey Makey is an invention kit which turns every day objects into keyboards. It can be really simple as hooking up a lime to it and playing Flappy Bird or using it to run your blender.  It’s fun for all ages and a quick search on YouTube will open you up to the possibilities.  

Anyway as time drew nearer for the North Network Meeting Michelle and I grew more nervous.  How would we competently talk about this to our peers when we didn’t really get it ourselves.  We then had the brilliant idea to bring along some of grade 5 experts and let them do the talking.  The kids were excited and nervous and made us promise that they would use the Makey Makey but we would do the talking.  Sounded like a great deal to us! 

As it turned out only 1 of our students, was able to attend but we felt like he was the star of the event.  His shyness over talking about it quickly fell away as he explained the how and why of the Makey Makey.  He even shared his opinions about the Raspberry Pi and why he didn’t think it was a great Minecraft Server 🙂  

It was a proud teaching moment for Michelle and I.  We don’t teach grade 5. She’s Kindergarten, I’m grade 3 and neither of us our computer programmers or anything near that but we both recognized the importance of coding and bringing it to our students.  It’s allowed many of our students to shine in a way that they don’t get to in their classrooms.  They also problem solve together, collaborate together with laughing and a smile on their face the whole time.  It’s pretty awesome to see!


J teaching all about the Makey Makey

2 responses to “The Makey Makey and the Peel 21st North Network Meeting #Peel21st

  1. Hi Shivonne, Presenting to your peers can be a nerve racking experience. Having attended the 21stPeel North Network Coding & Gaming PD & reading your blog post after I think that you, Michelle & J had an amazing presentation. I am certain that due to the combined efforts of my Peel colleagues and their students that hour and half after school has definitely open minds on the coding and gamification possibilities at other schools in Peel. BRAVO !

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