This is What Learning Looks Like

“In the end, learning looks the way our students need it to look.” – YES learning in my class looks different day to day. Really depends on where the kids are that day and what they need.

Excellent blog reflection!

Pernille Ripp

This past Friday, my incredible students participated in the 4th Innovation Day I have done.  While it is hard day for me because I tend to get bored, since I cannot jump in and teach, I always marvel at the energy and enthusiasm throughout the room.  The sheer driven desire to create something fueled by their curiosity and imagination never ceases to astound me, and this day is always a highlight for the students.    At one point, I tweeted out the following picture

photo (16)

captioning it “This is what learning can look like…”  Immediately, someone replied, “This is what learning SHOULD look like!”  (Emphasis added by me).  At first, I agreed, nodding, yes, this is what learning should look like.  Then I stopped, thought about it, and I realized, no, this is not what learning should look like at all times.

If learning looked like this every day, I would…

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