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Day 12: Gillian Raymond, Library, ISSP and Grade 3 Teacher (Massey Street PS)

Proud of this entry! Written by one of my very own colleagues and friends. Track and Field was another great Massey event. I was proud of the staff who pulled together to make this happen!

Peel21st Project 188

What I learned today

Today I learned something that I keep learning, and then forgetting, and re-learning. Today I learned that sometimes we all need to just play together and have fun, and it’s more than OK to do this at school. It’s necessary to build community and develop relationships with people we may not talk to every day, even though we all share a common space for 6 or more hours each day.

We had our annual Massey Track and Field day today, and it was a blast, like it always is! Students were so excited to have the opportunity to excel in areas outside of their classrooms, and we were all happy to be outside enjoying our gorgeous schoolyard. I was helping out at the sprinting events, and the number of time we had false starts was incredible, now that I think of it, but sharing a laugh…

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Day 10: Hazel Mason, Superintendent (Central Peel, Judith Nyman & Turner Fenton Families)

I can relate to this in so many ways! I love to teach with technology and I’m always willing to try new things but when it comes right down to it I have no idea what I’m doing 🙂

Peel21st Project 188

What Did I Learn Today?

I learned today that even when your printer looks like it is broken, it might just need to a maintenance check run on it.

My home printer has been acting up and because I am the 21st Century Teaching and Learning lead, everyone just assumes that I know everything there is to know about technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am what Fullan would call a “Lead Learner.” Every day I am constantly learning more about technology and what it can do.

I complained to my oldest daughter, who is much more of a tech wiz than I, that I was having trouble with my printer. She asked if I had run a maintenance check on it and I think I just got a glazed look. Right now she is on Mat leave and goes over to my house…

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Day 5: Neil Lyons, Teacher-Librarian (Homelands Senior Public)

Change – although scary is a great way to push ourselves professionally

Peel21st Project 188

After teaching for almost 10 years in one school, I will be moving to a new school in September.  And so throughout the hustle-and-bustle of June, a large part of my thinking has been dominated by “the unknown”.  And another part of my brain has become very acutely aware of “the known”.  There are layers and layers of “knowing” how things work in a school.  Attendance. Yard Duty. Parking Lot. Timetables. Washrooms.  Air Conditioning (hopefully). Storage Rooms.  Ordering Supplies.  Budget.  And on, and on, and on.

It’s a very different feeling than when I started in this building, as a new teacher.  There was no comparisons to be made.  The way the school was organized wasn’t “a way”, it was “the way”.  But, of course, throughout the years at my school things changed that made me aware that what I thought was “the way” was really only “a way”.  It…

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Day 3: Debbie Axiak, Grade 2 Teacher (Whiteoaks Public School)

Amazing Day 3 Entry to the Peel 21st Project 184. Highlights the importance of sometimes just going for it with your students!

Peel21st Project 188

What Did I Learn Today?

It would have been easier to say no.

It would have been easier to say “no”. To say “leave it outside”. To stick to the lesson plan. To avoid the swirling wave of emotions that I knew would spread through the classroom. To avoid the questions that I knew would come & knew I would not be able to answer.  But when I saw a student beaming with pride and carrying this 6.5 cm, jumping caterpillar…


Instead of saying “no”, I said “That is SO creepy!” and the student’s smile grew even bigger and he strutted into the school and into the classroom.

We watched it jump around, looked at it with a magnifying glass to look for details and some students were brave enough to smell it. We brainstormed a great list of words to describe the caterpillar, we talked about the emotions and…

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Day 1: Shivonne Lewis-Young, Teacher (Massey Street Public School)

Reblogging a blog post that I wrote. It’s for a Project 184 that we are piloting for the Peel District School board. You can follow along

Peel21st Project 188

What Did I Learn Today?

I have a blog.  My Grade three students blog and when the project 184 for Peel was born I knew writing for the project was something I had to do.  So here I am.  It is my day to blog for the project and I am feeling a tremendous amount of pressure.  What should I write about and share?  Does my submission need to be thought provoking, innovative and profound?  The answer is no.  It can just be me sharing a day in the life of Class 3B.  So here goes nothing.

This afternoon for Social Studies I told my class that they were going to learn about The Three Sisters and how they were important to Aboriginal peoples and how they introduced the Three Sisters to the European Settlers. First, I had my students brainstorm who they thought the Three Sisters were and here’s…

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