Day 5: Neil Lyons, Teacher-Librarian (Homelands Senior Public)

Change – although scary is a great way to push ourselves professionally

Peel21st Project 188

After teaching for almost 10 years in one school, I will be moving to a new school in September.  And so throughout the hustle-and-bustle of June, a large part of my thinking has been dominated by “the unknown”.  And another part of my brain has become very acutely aware of “the known”.  There are layers and layers of “knowing” how things work in a school.  Attendance. Yard Duty. Parking Lot. Timetables. Washrooms.  Air Conditioning (hopefully). Storage Rooms.  Ordering Supplies.  Budget.  And on, and on, and on.

It’s a very different feeling than when I started in this building, as a new teacher.  There was no comparisons to be made.  The way the school was organized wasn’t “a way”, it was “the way”.  But, of course, throughout the years at my school things changed that made me aware that what I thought was “the way” was really only “a way”.  It…

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