Day 10: Hazel Mason, Superintendent (Central Peel, Judith Nyman & Turner Fenton Families)

I can relate to this in so many ways! I love to teach with technology and I’m always willing to try new things but when it comes right down to it I have no idea what I’m doing 🙂

Peel21st Project 188

What Did I Learn Today?

I learned today that even when your printer looks like it is broken, it might just need to a maintenance check run on it.

My home printer has been acting up and because I am the 21st Century Teaching and Learning lead, everyone just assumes that I know everything there is to know about technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am what Fullan would call a “Lead Learner.” Every day I am constantly learning more about technology and what it can do.

I complained to my oldest daughter, who is much more of a tech wiz than I, that I was having trouble with my printer. She asked if I had run a maintenance check on it and I think I just got a glazed look. Right now she is on Mat leave and goes over to my house…

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