Day 12: Gillian Raymond, Library, ISSP and Grade 3 Teacher (Massey Street PS)

Proud of this entry! Written by one of my very own colleagues and friends. Track and Field was another great Massey event. I was proud of the staff who pulled together to make this happen!

Peel21st Project 188

What I learned today

Today I learned something that I keep learning, and then forgetting, and re-learning. Today I learned that sometimes we all need to just play together and have fun, and it’s more than OK to do this at school. It’s necessary to build community and develop relationships with people we may not talk to every day, even though we all share a common space for 6 or more hours each day.

We had our annual Massey Track and Field day today, and it was a blast, like it always is! Students were so excited to have the opportunity to excel in areas outside of their classrooms, and we were all happy to be outside enjoying our gorgeous schoolyard. I was helping out at the sprinting events, and the number of time we had false starts was incredible, now that I think of it, but sharing a laugh…

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