1 Year Anniversary

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog. The end of the school year was extra busy this year and I had a week after school ended before my AQ (Special Education Part 1) started and I really felt the need for some down time. WordPress kindly reminded me that my 1 year anniversary of my blog happened so even though I’ve been enjoying my away from keyboard time I thought it was a good time to pop on and update. My summer has been lovely. The kids are out of daycare for the summer and they have been keeping us busy with long outdoor play time, cottage trips, movie dates, crafting, playing and cleaning. Keelyn has been doing school work in the afternoon when William naps along side me while I complete my course work. She has a journal and in the short month her writing and drawing has really progressed. She is working on sight words and loves to create patterns whenever she can. She asked a few weeks ago if she can have a “blob like you and daddy”. It took me a minute but I quickly figured out she wants a blog. I’m in the process of setting it up for her so stay tuned for awesome blog entries from my little miss!

Here’s some picture highlights of our summer so far!



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