Course Work with My Little Guy

I am almost completey done my Special Ed AQ Course. I have just my action research project to finish. Phil thought it would be a great idea to take Keelyn to the splash pad today while William napped so that I could have a few hours of quiet to focus. Great plan except William decided to nap for a whopping 40 minutes today so I was left to entertain a 2.5 year old while trying to work. Let me tell you it’s much easier to do this with Keelyn. You put out a bunch of craft things and that girl will go for hours. William not so much but… he did well today. It was much messier than I expected but I kind of just let him go for it. He did some gluing and I’m pretty sure it will take 3 weeks to dry. He also played with the sensory bins. I have two bins one with chickpeas and ones with lentils that I created as busy bins for Keelyn when William was a newborn. Keelyn is like me she would use the two bins but keep them separate and there would be little on the floor. William thought it would be more fun to mix the lentils and chickpeas and he also decided that they were better suited to the floor. He added scoops and cups and eventually his baby so it could play “in the sandbox mommy.”

My quiet work/activity time with William is certainly messy and a lot more busy but I’m grateful to have the one on one time with him. Usually when I need time to do work he’s napping or Phil takes him out and it’s just me and Keelyn. And I’m proud of myself for just letting the mess happen and let him create!




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