Day 10: Angelo Cariati, Instructional Coach (CBO)

Peel21st Project 188


Hello! My name is Angelo Cariati (mr_cariati) and I am an Instructional Coach. I have the pleasure of working at four schools this year: Sir William Gage, Queen Street, Ridgeview and Copeland Public School. Simply put, I love to learn.

This school year so far has been a year of new: New role, new superintendency, new area, new schools and a new beard. As such, there’s been a lot of adjusting and, consequently, new learning. Today, I was the new student and I learned that you’re never too old for the first day of school jitters.

It was my first co-planning session with teachers that I’ve only corresponded with (and follow on Twitter). We new of one another but didn’t meet officially until today. It was the first time in almost a year that I didn’t hear “Hi Mr. C!” upon walking…

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