#Peel21st Blog Hop – What Does 21st Century Learning Mean to Me

I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many #Peel21st educators and other members of my twitter PLN to discuss 21st century teaching and learning and what it means to us.  When the #Peel21st Blog Hop was presented I was excited to share as I missed out on the first round.  Read on to learn what I think about the meaning of 21st century learning and then check out the other blog posts listed at the bottom of my post.  

Happy Reading!

When @jrichea presented the #peel21st Blog Hop I was excited to participate. I was even more excited that the topic was 21st Century Learning and what it means to me. I’m having difficulty articulating it. Images of BYOD, Twitter, #geniushour and inquiry float around. While I certainly feel that those are elements to successful 21st Century learning I don’t think they define it. When I think about my own two children Keelyn and William I can’t help but hope for an education system that embraces their interests, quirks and nurtures their passions. That doesn’t make them feel self conscious or embarrassed when they don’t “fit in the box”.  That’s what 21st Century learning means to me.

Keelyn and William - 21st Century Learners!

Keelyn and William – 21st Century Learners!

Blog Hop Participants 

7 responses to “#Peel21st Blog Hop – What Does 21st Century Learning Mean to Me

  1. I agree. There are so many opportunities to customize learning for the students in our classrooms, and technology helps with that. Great post.

  2. Love the idea of getting out of the box. Teachnline your own kids are in the room, your students will thank you for it.

  3. Shivonne, its amazing how kids change you as an educator.Someone told me the best PD for a teacher is to have their kids go through school. Then you know think about your teaching and if this is what you want for your kids. I love how creative my daughter is and I wish that creativity to never stop. We need to honour each of our students and how they learn. However, we are also faced with a curriculum and a public persona that thinks we do nothing; how do we allow students to explore while reteaching the rest of the world that this is important for their learning? Thanks for your blog post.

  4. Beautifully said — a school system that embraces each student as an individual. So true. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Shivonne, loved your post. It is funny you thought of your kids. I went through something similar this summer when I created my wish. It is easier to think of what I want for the kids I love (but can send back to their parents). Such a beautiful wish!

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