My VIP Book Report

My 5 year old daughter’s Blog – tonight she is working on her VIP book report project

Keelyn Chickadee

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“I am reading the words and I was drawing the pictures for my VIP book report.  The book about Little Pea.  In the beginning Little Pea, Mama Pea and Papa Pea were together.  In the middle Little Pea does not like candy. At the end he got his dessert that he likes – it is spinach! Which one do you like more candy or spinach?”

*typed by mommy

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2 responses to “My VIP Book Report

  1. Just read the article dated Jan 30/16. It was very inspiring and results orientated for many students with challenging behaviors or special needs.
    Another source of information is by Ross Greene on Collabrative and Proactive Solutions. You can see his presentations on YouTube. Currently I work as an EA, Educational Assistant for the Surrey School District, BC.
    Very positive and just an excellent article and your intuitive passion to help the young kids out by following their and also guiding them in the right direction. Very impressive, Henry Sikorski

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