My name is Shivonne Lewis-Young I am a Grade 3 teacher.  However this year especially I’ve become a learner as well.  I’ve started a ton of great new things this year like blogging, Aurasama,  BYOD, Genius Hour, Inquiry Based Learning and I’m sure the list will continue to grow.  I’ve developed a love of all things tech and my students have been key to teaching and sharing with me how they work.

When I’m not teaching  and learning I’m busy being a mom to my two lovely children Keelyn and William who are my joy!  IMG_0011


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  1. Shivonne Lewis-Young
    21st Century Teacher, Wife, Mom, and Learner!

    My name is Shivonne Lewis-Young aka Ms. Lewis-Young or Ms. L-Y. I am a teacher, wife of a teacher, and mom of two lovely children (Keelyn and William). I love to read, study art and art history, create, craft, wine, good food, great coffee and beautiful things.
    I’m super passionate about 21st Century teaching and learning in my classroom and along with my own family. Technology and Social Media is rapidly changing and we have a responsibility to dive in to “get” our kids. I try to infuse technology into all my teaching whether it’s using iPads to sketch out a self portrait, having students create symmetrical figures on the geoboard app or Early Settlements on Minecraft or simply searching fun facts on Google. My students are engaged and wanting to learn. With that being said I also understand the importance of “unplugged” time. It’s all about balance right?!
    Anyway, I’m always learning and gathering new ideas and sharing and collaborating so I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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