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I’ve been a busy teacher today creating things for my classroom.  I’m excited to start the year with my class this year as I missed out while on Mat Leave last September (however that was a great experience).

It’s been a Pinterest inspired day and I started with a “fair” poster.  My students often say to me when someone gets something different (e.g. using an iPad to read or write) “that’s not fair” and I explain that fair doesn’t mean we all get the same.  The fair poster really says it nicely and I’m going to introduce the concept on the first day.  The second creation is a student rights and responsibilities poster.  You could also use it as a contract but I’m trying to reduce the amount of paper I use this year and maybe even try to be as paperless as possible.  I’m going to blow up both of these and mount on bristol board to hang so we can refer to them all year.

The third thing I worked on was my classroom jobs chart.  I found the cutest thing on Pinterest that had the jobs in library pockets on a black bristol board, trimmed in silver with the title “iHelp”.  Basically it looked like a giant iPad.  With my love of tech this is just too perfect.

If you want to see the original sources follow me on Pinterest Ms LY

Fair Poster

Students Rights Responsibilities

Classroom Jobs

I am adding a classroom information sheet as well that I like to send home on the first day for parents to fill out.  I know I can get this information from the office but I like to have it on hand in my binder.

Student Information Form

Unit Plans

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms – Strong and Stable Structures Grade 3 Grade 3 Narrative Writing

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  1. I love your “fair” lesson. With all the modifications we do in education today, students need to be aware that everyone’s learning WILL look different. This is a good way to set it up.

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