Professional Activities

Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age – August 21/22, 2013:

I’m so excited about this conference.  It’s put on by my school board (Peel District School Board) and I know many people have been working together to get it up and going.  It started out that I was going to attend with my administrator and colleague but then I ended up submitting a few proposals  so I will be presenting in the “Sharing Our Stories” poster series where I will share my experiences about using Twitter in the classroom and BYOD (bring your own device) in a Primary Grade.  I’m also doing a Social Media Cafe (think Genius Bar) about Kid Blog.  I’m super excited to share what I’ve picked up along the way and equally looking forward to learning some new things as well.  I’m thinking about taking a session on using tech for assessments like dropbox and Evernote.  I already use Evernote but I know I’m not using it’s full potential at all.  Some great key not speakers as well.


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