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Device Neutral Creation

I am very fortunate because I teach at a school where we have invested in mobile technology, specifically iPads.  If I want my students to create something using a specific app it’s pretty easy.  However the iPads are picking up in popularity and I no longer have unlimited access to them so I’ve had to change my plan.  My class does participate in BYOD but not all devices are the same so I can’t say “go into PicCollage” or “using BookCreator” I have to be aware that depending on the device some students may not have access to the apps that I am familiar and confident with.  My awesome ITRT recently introduced me to the phrase Device Neutral Creation.  Which means keep in mind the goal is creation.  If you want your students to create a photo essay represented by a collection of images it doesn’t matter if they have an android or apple device.  It doesn’t matter that they are all using the same app as long as they are all creating.  You know what else I’ve learned, you don’t even need to know how to use the app they are using.  Kids are really good at figuring it out.  In fact when I show kids a new app I don’t worry about learning the ins and outs of the app.  I learn enough to introduce and then I let the kids go.  Usually in five or ten minutes they will have discovered more than I would have in an hour.

Device Neutral Creation makes BYOD a lot less scary.  Kids don’t have to be using the same thing.  The ultimate goal is creation.

A New Laptop

My laptop died.  It runs, I can hear it and my husband was able to remove the hard drive to save my files (phew) but it does not have a working monitor.  Secretly I was hoping for it die the last few months so I could get a new one but the timing of it’s death is bad.  Our new home closes tomorrow so we have a lot of expenses.  

I’m thinking of getting a MAC book as I love apple 🙂  But looking for recommendations as to which model. I don’t need a CD drive and I don’t mind small.  In fact I plan on taking it with me to school daily so light and slim is probably ideal.

Which do you recommend and why?