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I love Pinterest.  “Pin it” has become a bit of an obsession for me but I can’t help it the A-Type girl I am just LOVES how things are organized into neat little digital file boxes.  So of my friends and I kid how well dressed our homes, kids and selves our in our alternate pinterest reality but truthfully I’ve found and followed through many good ideas thanks to that site.

This summer I decided to set up a pinterest for school account.  It’s a great way for me to organize and share ideas that I want to implement in my classroom with colleagues and parents.  Not that I’d be embarrassed for people to see my personal I just kind of felt like maybe they don’t want to know what we are having for dinner or what paint colour my laundry room is (or maybe they do?)  

It occurred to me that Pinterest would be a great tool for students to use to organize photos and information for assignments and projects.   For younger students you could even have a class pinterest where each student had a board and they could pin things to their board.  That’s a good idea I think I’m going to set that up.

How do you use pinterest in your classroom?

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