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My Kids are Connected!

After a wonderful 2 day Conference (Teaching and Learning in a Digital World) or #TLDWPeel as it has fondly become for me, it is time for me to enjoy the last week of summer break with my lovely little family.  Keelyn almost 4 has spent the last 2 days with my parents aka Nama and Papa at their trailer and William 1.5 has been with Grandma, Phil’s mom at our home.

 After our commute home from the conference I picked up William, jumped in the car and went to pick up Keelyn.  Lots of driving today but it was rewarded with a nice steak dinner cooked by my dad 🙂  On the way home from my parents trailer Keelyn and I had the following conversation:

Keelyn: “Mom, I know how to sing Twinkle, Twinkle in Spanish” 

Me: “Really babe?  How do you know that?”

Keelyn: “Well when you are 3.5 you just know stuff” 

Let me tell you when it comes to technology my kids “just know stuff” They are pretty connected and it hasn’t been intentional teaching it either.  They observe my husband and I and they have access to devices like iPads and mobile phones and they’ve always been allowed to handle them.  Sure the risk is there that they could be dropped and broken but we’ve taken that risk.  My iPhone always has greasy smudgy prints on it but I don’t mind.  

Tonight on the drive home there was the most vibrant pink sunset I’ve seen in a long time.  Keelyn asked to take a photo of it but I only had my husband’s phone and it’s an Android (I’m an apple girl… I know cause for marriage tension right!) and I don’t really know how to use it well and besides I was driving.  I told her I can’t figure it right now and she told me she could do it.  Sure enough 5 seconds later she was clicking away.  This makes her connected.

Meanwhile, William was having a fit while his sister had the phone shouting “truck, truck!”  He was referring to an app on my phone called I Hear Ewe.  It has animal and vehicle pictures and when you press the picture it tells you the sound the animal or vehicle makes.  At 1.5 he knows that he has to take his little finger and swipe twice to find the page with the vehicles.  This makes him connected.

When K was done taking pictures she told me she wanted to watch a show on Netflix.  Again… driving but she just loaded up the app, chose the show she wanted and watched away.  This makes her connected.

When William sees Daddy’s laptop open he runs up and pats the screen and sticks his face really close and says, “Indi, Indi” repeatedly.  Indi is his cousin who lives in Australia and he gets that he sees her on the computer through Skype.  In fact both my kids when the see their Auntie Melissa, Uncle Matt and cousin Indi live when they visit Canada have little awkwardness because they see them all the time online and they really know t  This makes them connected.

They are connected but they are also well rounded.  They enjoy throwing rocks into mud puddles, hearing Good Night Moon read nightly before bed, blowing and chasing bubbles, drawing pictures, sculpting with playdough and baking cookies with mom.  

But they are also pretty tech savvy for such a young age and that’s something that my husband and I plan to keep up and develop.  It’s not for every family and how you choose to parent your child is just that… your choice. But at the end of the day, when your children enter the school system and eventually the workplace are they going to be connected?