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Digital Leadership Conference 2014 #Peel21st

My colleague/friend Michelle and I spent the whole day preparing our Prezi for the North Field Office Digital Leadership Conference.  I’m super excited that our proposal to present at this conference was approved and we are going to get to share what we do and love in our classrooms – Genius Hour.

Michelle teaches Kindergarten and really every day is Genius Hour in her room.  Her classroom is a full on Inquiry Learning environment and a lot of what I know and have learned about Inquiry learning comes from her and the Kindergarten team that I use to be a part of.  Truthfully if you are not sure how to implement Genius Hour or Inquiry Based Learning then I encourage you to befriend a K teacher.  Spend some time in their classroom or chat them up on Twitter.  Better yet teach Kindergarten for a year you really will get a solid understanding of how it works!

I also use Genius Hour in my classroom and I’ve said this before but it’s been a game changer.  I started it because I have a wide range of students in my class and I wanted something that could address all their individual, unique needs at the same time and would allow them to feel good about themselves and be successful. This is totally happening and I’m so excited to share about it at the conference.

We are also going to focus on the technologies that we’ve integrated into our Genius Hour time like Twitter, PicCollage, iMovie, BookCreator, Educreations, Magisto, Aurasma, YouTube Capture, KidBlog, and so on.  After the conference I’ll share a link to our Prezi for all to view.  If you are a Peel District School Board teacher there is still lots of time to sign up on My Learning Plan for the conference on March 27th in the evening.  There will be an AMAZING Keynote speaker George Couros and you do not want to miss him!

Hope to see you there!


Guest Blogger Coming Soon :) @K5_RP

The kindergarten genius hour project was a major success!  I feel so proud for Michelle, Patti and their students.  Michelle is still going to guest blog but the actual Lemonade stand project was bigger than they expected so we didn’t get there.  Tomorrow, I promise!  

Here’s a teaser picture while you wait 


Guest Blogger Tomorrow @K5_RP

I’m so excited tomorrow I am having a guest blogger and it’s my first time having one.  The blogger will be Michelle Philpot who is a dear friend and colleague at my school.  She teaches Kindergarten and one of her students decided that he wanted to do a genius hour project of his own.  His older brother is my class and I guess after hearing about how great genius time though that this was something he needed to do right away.

His idea is brilliant really.  He wished to create a lemonade stand and the profits of his stand he would buy mittens for our Massey Mitten Tree.  The Massey Mitten Tree is decorated with donations of warm mittens for children who are in need of warm Winter clothing items.  It was started before my time at Massey but it’s been a yearly tradition.  I could be wrong but maybe it’s based on the book The Mitten Tree regardless we do read that beautiful book to our students each year.  

Michelle’s kindergarten class has been fully immersed in this project.  The beautiful idea from one little boy has sprouted into the whole class working on the stand, taste testing lemonade, feeling what it would be like with no mittens outside, inquiry questions.  It’s really, really amazing and it just goes to show when you put kids in charge of their learning and give them the platform to take off with those ideas they can come up with big things.


I won’t go into much more detail as you’ll get that from Michelle tomorrow but you can follow her and her class @K5Kinders @K5_RP on twitter as her class has been tweeting about it and tomorrow I think there will be a lot.  

The student’s goal is to raise $6.00 because he can go to the dollar store and buy 6 pairs and in his world 6 pairs of mittens is a lot.  I have a feeling his expectations are going to be exceeded! 

The Night Before School

It’s the night before the first day of school and the butterflies have certainly set in.  Could be because I spent the entire afternoon sick but the nerves are there for sure.  It’s a big year for us.  Not only are my husband and I going back to school our daughter Keelyn starts Kindergarten and our son William starts daycare.  We’ve never had to do the morning rush out the door with the children before so it will be a bit of a juggle.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have our neighbour and then Gramma provide care. So here we are off to a new adventure. 

Keelyn is pumped to start school and I know she’s ready and I’m ready for her to go but part of me is really sad that my first born baby is just not a baby anymore.  Where did the past 4 years go?  She’s conquered so many milestones and I feel like this one is by far the greatest I mean she’s entering the educational world where she will spend perhaps the next 20 years of her life! Wow!  

Anyway, I have a mountain of things to tackle as my to do list was put on hold with my sudden illness this afternoon.  Lunches, labelling, cut and pasting.  The usual 🙂