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21st Century Teacher or Learner?

I often struggle with this am I a 21st Century Teacher or Learner?  Pretty much at every moment of the day I sway between the two teacher, learner, teacher, learner.  I guess really the answer is I’m both.  I have a good tech understanding but there is WAY more that I don’t know.  I think what makes me a good 21st century teacher is that I’m willing to learn.  I like to test out new apps and ideas and learn things along with my students and from my colleagues.  But this can bring about a lot of frustration when things don’t go as planned, and they often do not.  

Last night I participated in a #geniushour chat on Twitter.  I casually thought I could plan my math unit and chat but I was so involved in the learning that the math was pushed to the side for an hour.  It was honestly the coolest professional development I could be a part of.  Me, in my living room, with my coffee and my children in bed.  I connected globally with amazing educators who are starting out with #geniushour or are well versed in it.  I am so excited to bring #geniushour to my class!  Tomorrow is the launch day, I’ve been pumping them up all week for it.  Stay tuned for updates.

This year I’ve decided to go with a digital daybook.  I’m using the app Plan Book (both on my MAC and iPad) and so far it’s pretty great.  It’s a bit cumbersome to set up your schedule but once you do it’s pretty easy.  I’m hoping to connect via twitter with others who are using it for some tips.  I like that you can email the plans and when needed print them for supply teachers.  Here’s a picture of what my desk looks like right at the moment. Note the Pumpkin Spice Latte (Happy Fall)



A New Laptop

My laptop died.  It runs, I can hear it and my husband was able to remove the hard drive to save my files (phew) but it does not have a working monitor.  Secretly I was hoping for it die the last few months so I could get a new one but the timing of it’s death is bad.  Our new home closes tomorrow so we have a lot of expenses.  

I’m thinking of getting a MAC book as I love apple 🙂  But looking for recommendations as to which model. I don’t need a CD drive and I don’t mind small.  In fact I plan on taking it with me to school daily so light and slim is probably ideal.

Which do you recommend and why?