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Keeping the Momentum Going

Fall is officially here, my favourite time of year!  September is almost passed and October a personally significant month is just around the corner.  I can’t believe I’ve been with the students in 3B for almost a month.  I feel like we’ve settled in, routines are well on their way to being established.  Kids have tested but have found their place in the room.  I’m feeling positive about the way things are.  

I have to admit I’m worried about how I’m going to keep the “first week buzz” going.  It’s not the students it’s more a personal thing.  Life is super busy right now. I’m a mom with young children and finding a balance between work and home is really, really difficult.  I enjoy my time with my kids and treasure our weekends together but when we are at birthday party or Fall fair there’s a small voice inside of my head that’s saying, “yeah but you still haven’t organized your filing cabinet, and where exactly are you going with these Genius Time projects?”  It also doesn’t help that I’m tired.  Like all the time super drained tired.  My youngest, William is 19 months and he still does not sleep through the night.  He wakes 2-5 times per night and when you alarm goes off at 5:15 and you aren’t going to bed until well after 11:30 that makes for some foggy days.  

 I guess where I’m going with this is I just don’t want to lose steam.  I love what is happening right now.  The kids are with me and excited for what new thing I have planned for them next but I need to keep heading in that direction, finish up what we’ve started and keep going strong.