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The Night Before School

It’s the night before the first day of school and the butterflies have certainly set in.  Could be because I spent the entire afternoon sick but the nerves are there for sure.  It’s a big year for us.  Not only are my husband and I going back to school our daughter Keelyn starts Kindergarten and our son William starts daycare.  We’ve never had to do the morning rush out the door with the children before so it will be a bit of a juggle.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have our neighbour and then Gramma provide care. So here we are off to a new adventure. 

Keelyn is pumped to start school and I know she’s ready and I’m ready for her to go but part of me is really sad that my first born baby is just not a baby anymore.  Where did the past 4 years go?  She’s conquered so many milestones and I feel like this one is by far the greatest I mean she’s entering the educational world where she will spend perhaps the next 20 years of her life! Wow!  

Anyway, I have a mountain of things to tackle as my to do list was put on hold with my sudden illness this afternoon.  Lunches, labelling, cut and pasting.  The usual 🙂