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Proud of Our Green Team!

Today was a proud moment in my teaching career.  This year, I took on with one of my co-workers, Sarah Kelly, the Eco Club.  We had very large shoes to fill as the teacher we took over for had retired the previous June and she had already implemented many great initiatives at our school.  Sarah and I decided that it was time to promote those initiatives and add a few more of our own and go forward with Eco School Certification.  We are so proud to announce that officially today we will be an Certified Eco School!.  We are still waiting to hear our level of certification (bronze, silver, gold) but our goal with the kids this year was to reach the bronze level. 

The best part of this year was the student engagement.  We generally have a full house of students come out to our weekly meetings.  On top of emptying blue bins they love to make posters, do weekly announcements, perform at assembly and share their Green Team messages with their peers.  We started out as a grade 3-5 club but recently we have had grade 2 students asking us to join so of course we said sure.  I like to feel that we are creating a culture in our school of individuals who care about our planet and are going to make significant steps to make it better.  

Here’s a recap of some of our major campaigns this year:

-What Goes in the Blue Bin (December assembly, posters, announcements)

-Boomerang and Litter Less Lunch

-The Great Gulp (this was taken on by a student teacher at our school – amazing) the whole school drank tap water at the same time and then we used it to reinforce bringing a reusable water bottle

-Earth Hour and Lights off/Monitors Off campaign 

-Spring school and city park clean up (Adopt-a-Park) we even did an ice storm clean up of the branches 

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year.  We already have some great ideas brewing thanks to Tracy Appleton   and our site assessor from Ontario Eco Schools.  




The Green Team waiting for our Eco Schools Site Visit to being