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Holiday Gift

Warning: If you are the parent of a child in our class you need to stop reading.  You may return after December 25th to read this post.

Phew, now that we’ve straightened that out I can share with you what I had my students make for their holiday gift for their families.  Please don’t roll your eyes that I’m calling it a holiday gift instead of a Christmas gift.  I’m not trying to be politically correct but the truth is not all of the children in our class celebrate Christmas and we work hard to be inclusive so holiday it is!

Anyway I needed something different than my usuals as I’ve had a few of these kids when I taught Kindergarten.  Of course I turned to good old Pinterest I wanted a gift that would be beautiful, an ornament that could be hung on a tree, door or window.  I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money but rather use the craft resources I had at school.  I came across a stained glue snowflake from Holiday Crafts and Creations and I knew it was perfect. Not only did I have all of the materials the site had easy to follow step-by-step instructions for m and the children.

It was a multi-step multi day gift and I knew it would be a challenge for some of them but I also knew that my kids are always up for a good challenge.  I’m not going to repeat the directions because you can check out the link but I will share the results.  The snowflakes were gorgeous.  The kids yet again felt really proud of their accomplishments.  I can’t wait for families to open their gifts.  Hopefully some of them give me some feedback.  



Speaking of gifts the families were very, very generous this year for Christmas.  Basically, I was spoiled.  Thank you to my awesome 3B parents and families you rock and it’s my pleasure teaching your children.

Check out this super adorable earrings.  The card that went with them made me teary!



Halloween Happenings in 3B

As a teacher, Halloween in school has a different feeling then when I was a student.  I remember waking up this morning (after staying up way to late preparing treat bags for my own children to take to school) and feeling like I just wanted to stay under my warm covers.  It’s crazy in school on Halloween the kids are super excited and it’s hard to maintain their attention and focus.  Combine rain and indoor recess all day it makes for some interesting times.  Of course my commute in was a nightmare the normal hour was closer to an hour and a half and it was literally bumper to bumper until I got to the 407 which got me to school with 20 minutes to spare.  So naturally the day started out pretty frantic and I was in a panic yucky feeling. However once I saw the students in 3B I calmed.  They were so cheery and obviously excited that it was hard to stay grumpy.  It’s funny because this week we read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and I was feeling a little like Alexander especially since they don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia 🙂 but like I said it is hard to stay in a funk when you have  group of 22 very happy faces smiling at you.  

After running down what our day would look like I had the kids do a writing activity for me where they talked about if they liked Halloween. They had to choose yes or no and provide 3 reasons to support their answer.  Students had a variety of answers. Most said yes because they like to carve pumpkins, dress up and get candy.  But a few said they didn’t like Halloween because they don’t love to dress up, or they have a peanut allergy so they don’t get many candies.  Interesting to hear their point of view.  I also realized that we need to do some more practice on paragraph writing (let’s add that to the day plans for next week).  We also played Halloween BINGO which was well received especially since I had Halloween themed prizes.  We’ve been having some difficulty with cooperation so I had them play BINGO with a partner and they had to take turns covering the card and come to a consensus together if they wanted to change their card at the start of new rounds.  We also reviewed our “Be Board” and decided that it would be a good idea for the winners to be humble.  I was really proud of them they demonstrated cooperation and had a lot of fun as well.

After lunch students costumed up and prepared for the Fitness Walk.  Traditionally our school does the walk outside in the community but the weather had other plans for us so we did the walk in the school.  We did several passes and walked through the gym where our Kindergarten students were watching us.  Halloween music played, students laughed, danced and cheered on their peers.  I like the outdoor fitness walk but I think I liked this more. There was just so much happiness and joy and a really sense of coming together as a school.  When the walk was over we returned to class where our principal read us a Halloween story and the students in my class “Trick or Treated” with the goodies their peers brought.

It was pretty fun today.  The students did a really great job of coming together, cooperating and they showed me that a holiday in school doesn’t have to be a stressful event.  That simplifying and just enjoying the moment is the way to handle it!

So thank you 3B you are the best! 

Happy Halloween!

Too Late to Blog

I’ve been meaning all weekend to blog about my Genius Time experience on Friday but I’m too tired to blog tonight.  

But let’s just say it went better than I expected.  I started by asking students who loves school, loves everything about it, everything they learn.  A good number of students put their hands up.  I then asked who is in the middle generally like school but not everything about it.  I’d say most of the class raised their hand.  Then I asked who does not like school, like not any of the topics or way they have to handle assignments.  Three hands went up.  Three hands that I expected.  Three hands that when I first came across Genius Time I thought immediately of these Three.  

I told the three that I was very proud of them for answering honestly and I told them that while Genius Time if for the whole class it’s really for them. That it’s going to change the way they feel about school.  Honestly, I really believe it’s true.

Anyway, it’s too late to blog.  Good night! Image

The beginning of our Wonder Wall 

A Fresh Start

You know what I did today?  I went to school.  I was reluctant.  I’ve moved into a new house that is big and beautiful but with 2 kids and many projects on the go it’s just not getting settled as quick as we had hoped.  I knew I had to go to school to set up but really I just wanted to stay home and work on the house.  It’s also one of those weird anxiety kind of things I have when it comes to situations like starting something new.  

Anyway I went to school today and it was great.  Chatted with a bunch of my colleagues set out the room in a great way that will really be conducive to using 21st Century Tech and tomorrow when I go to school I get to the the fun part of decorating 🙂  Thank you Pinterest 🙂