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Holiday Gift

Warning: If you are the parent of a child in our class you need to stop reading.  You may return after December 25th to read this post.

Phew, now that we’ve straightened that out I can share with you what I had my students make for their holiday gift for their families.  Please don’t roll your eyes that I’m calling it a holiday gift instead of a Christmas gift.  I’m not trying to be politically correct but the truth is not all of the children in our class celebrate Christmas and we work hard to be inclusive so holiday it is!

Anyway I needed something different than my usuals as I’ve had a few of these kids when I taught Kindergarten.  Of course I turned to good old Pinterest I wanted a gift that would be beautiful, an ornament that could be hung on a tree, door or window.  I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money but rather use the craft resources I had at school.  I came across a stained glue snowflake from Holiday Crafts and Creations and I knew it was perfect. Not only did I have all of the materials the site had easy to follow step-by-step instructions for m and the children.

It was a multi-step multi day gift and I knew it would be a challenge for some of them but I also knew that my kids are always up for a good challenge.  I’m not going to repeat the directions because you can check out the link but I will share the results.  The snowflakes were gorgeous.  The kids yet again felt really proud of their accomplishments.  I can’t wait for families to open their gifts.  Hopefully some of them give me some feedback.  



Speaking of gifts the families were very, very generous this year for Christmas.  Basically, I was spoiled.  Thank you to my awesome 3B parents and families you rock and it’s my pleasure teaching your children.

Check out this super adorable earrings.  The card that went with them made me teary!