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Wow, just wow I am not sure I know what to say exactly.  But tonight I discovered that 766 people are following my blog.  766 is a very large number.  As of today my grade 3’s would be able to tell you that means 7 hundreds, 6 tens and 6 ones 🙂 

I started my blog this Summer as a means for me to share what I am doing with other educators, parents, and students.  I really wanted to become transparent in my practice.  Part of this was because my own daughter was to be starting school this year and it made me kind of sad to know have an inside look into what she was doing.  I thought how great would it be if I could follow something online and see what was happening.  The other persuading factor was reading and following blogs from other educators and thinking wow they are doing amazing things I want to be like that!  

I didn’t know how often I would update or how many people would follow but it’s become big in a really short time. I also find that blog posting is the outlet I need.  It lets me debrief and the end of the day.  So thank you to the 766 of you that are following me.  I appreciate you support even if it’s silent 🙂 

Long Range Planning

Let the fun begin!  

I’m teaching grade 3 next year.  A straight 3 as far as I know.  Things could change once we reorganize in September but for now it’s grade 3.  Last year I had a 2/3 but I didn’t start it until February when I returned back to work from maternity leave with my youngest, William.  The group I had of 2/3’s were amazing.  It says a lot about the teacher who was covering my leave actually.  But on their own they were just really caring, kind and enthusiastic.  I have many of the 2’s again in my 3 and I’m looking forward to spending the year with them once more. 

I taught grade 3 a few years ago and I have to admit it was not my best year.  For whatever reason the kids and I did not gel and they did not gel with one another.  We lacked cohesion.  Don’t get me wrong individually we were all fine but together we just did not fit.  That experience unfortunately has left a negative grade 3 impression in my mind so I’m looking forward for this year to change that.

I’m currently working on my long range plans for this year while William sleeps and Keelyn watches Stella and Sam.   Luckily my long range plans from before were developed by a great team of grade 3 teachers (there was 6 of us) so I have a good base now I can just infuse the 21st Century skills into it!