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Genius Hour Lego Car

This group worked really hard to get this car to go. They were at a really high frustration point when it finally worked. At that point all you could hear were cheers and hollers they were so proud but it kept moving in circles. Then one said, “Okay we got it to move now to make it go straight”


Testing Out Marble Roller Coasters

One of our challenges with Scientist Wendy from was to make a marble roller coaster to test out the force of gravity.


Mr. Bean Library

On Friday our student teacher, Mrs. Guraya used this Mr. Bean video to teach inferencing. The students were amazing at coming up with really great inferences I was so impressed.


Double Digit Addition Rap

We are working on double digit addition with and without regrouping. Found this cute little student made video on YouTube. It’s called the Double Digit Addition Rap and it has fun little sayings to remember how to regroup or not. The grade 3 students loved it and asked to watch it again and again!


Lego Man in Space

Actual video footage from Lego Man in Space’s journey. Designed by the brilliant Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad. The students thought this was just about the coolest thing ever!


Genius Hour – Where Passions Come Alive

It was this video that sold me on the idea of using Genius Time in my grade 3 classroom. It makes sense get the students working on a topic that they are passionate about and see productivity go up!


A Pep Talk from Kid President

“What will you create that will make the world more awesome” – Kid President

I used this video to launch and get the kids fired up about Genius Time. Thanks to the amazing website for the suggestion. The kids LOVED!